My celebrity style icon

I absolutely love love love Victoria Beckham’s style. She has an aura of sophistication.
She always looks impeccable. That includes obviously when she’s dressed for a party or night out, and just as much on her casual looking days when she’s out with her beautiful kids and hubby! She can pull off anything.

And I totally envy her closet! Her bags, her shoes and clothes, I love them all. When she’s not wearing the intentional “over-sized, loose fitting” look, her clothes are tailored so perfectly on her body it’s as if she was sewn into them. I always get my clothes tailored-I hate when things don’t fit just perfect. It is a rare instance when right off the hanger it fits perfectly. Many people just put on an outfit not caring about strange pulls or creases. Ahhh lol-that’s a major pet peeve of mine!

3 thoughts on “My celebrity style icon

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