OMG I am in love!

OK so I have recently decided I had enough of my 2 season old Coach bag.

It is basic black which can be classy but a bit boring when there are no other options in my closet for the fall/winter season. I have a cream colored Michael Kors bag (which I am also “over”) that I use for spring/summer.

But what really annoys me about it is that it is a top handle bag. Meaning I cannot use it on my shoulder. It tends to be quite frustrating when you are holding your children’s hands-where to put the bag?!?

So, my new “it” bag that I am oogling (is that a word? lol) over is a Balenciaga.  I have a lot of research to do ie color and exact style before I actually make the purchase. I am petite so I cannot carry something too large but I love the oversized look.

So my options I think are: Arena Classic City, Arena Classic First, Arena Classic Town. I know I prefer the small hardware to the big ones. And I would need a darker color as I would be using it in the fall/winter season. But I am thinking for the amount of money it is I would also like the option of using it the other seasons so I’m not sure black would do it. or those of you who paid attention to what I wrote in the first few lines I know I called black boring but even if I do get this in black it has so much more character than the coach I fid it hard to believe it will ever get boring!

Although my husband has claimed I do get bored all too easily. *Sigh* what’s a girl to do;)

6 thoughts on “OMG I am in love!

  1. I have an obsession with purses and with shoes! I get bored very quickly just as you do 😉 I recently found a new coach purse called the “sophia” and sent a picture and details to my bf letting him know Christmas was coming….Im really good at “hinting” to get what I want 🙂

  2. When I get a new purse, I wear the crap out of it every single day until I get tired of it because I’m too lazy to keep switching purses haha. And I agree, while top handle bags are cute, they are annoying to carry so I’ve switched over to crossbody bags and it is awesome! I’m looking to upgrade to a high-end bag as well – enjoy your Balenciaga!! 🙂

    ps. thanks for visiting!

    xx, lin

    • thank you!
      and agreed. for the summer i had bought a cross body bag i used every day. hands free was amazing! it’s neon yellow so i kinda have to keep it a spring/summer bag!

  3. I know what you mean, it takes thought and consideration when choosin a bag since it’s supposed to always work with everything. But isn’t the Balenciaga bag dark grey? Or am I just tired? However I think that color is perfect, it’s dark and works with anything yet it’s an interesting colour and it gives a lot of character.. and it’s fun – even though it’s black/grey.
    I’d definitely say go for it! =)

    • I think you’re right, that one is not jet black. I think maybe I should look at it at a store. I’ve seen shoes at different websites looking entirely different-though they’re the same pair. It all depends on the lighting. Thanks for your thoughts!

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