Brand named makeup brushes are over-rated

They say “You get what you pay for”. My opinion is sometimes.

Generally, yes, if something is more expensive you can and should expect better quality.

My experience though with makeup brushes is that it’s not quite that clear cut.

I have brushes from a range of companies: MAC, Sonia Kashuk, Sigma, CVS no name brand, E.L.F and NYX.

I find they pretty much all do what they are intended to do. I purchase brushes based on the size and shape of the head with a specific purpose in mind.

Interestingly I recently purchased a duo fibre F50 brush from Sigma and a flat top B 07 NYX for the purpose of an airbrushed blush application. When I got them though I realized the Sigma had a much more compacted feel while the NYX was definitely sparser. Initially I was bummed out because I thought the NYX would serve no purpose. But I actually use it now to buff my liquid foundation once I put it on. I find it’s touch is light enough that it doesn’t cause any marks but the hairs have enough strength to give the foundation a flawless finish. The other one I use as a blush brush.

A big issue people are concerned with regarding brushes is shedding. I actually find that my MAC brush sheds a bit more than my others. But not too bad and they really are all great.

So see a brush you think will work for you but don’t want to spend that much? Try to find a similar style in a cheaper brand, even try 2 different ones and I am pretty sure you won’t be disappointed!

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