Makeup storage

Here are some pictures of my vanity/makeup table and how I store my makeup.

I spent a few weeks looking high and low for my dream makeup table and I finally found it.

It’s from Pier 1 and came as a set with the bench. I can sit there all day (especially because it’s in my walk in closet lol) I just love it!

My makeup is basically kept in a acrylic holder I got many years ago. My brushes are separated in glass jars. One is for facial brushes and one for eyes and smaller brushes. They are held up by stones I purchased at Michaels. I put tiny white ones in and topped it off with blue larger stones. As I remove and replace the brushes the stones get mixed up which I adore!

Enjoy and I’d love to hear how you keep you makeup:)

2 thoughts on “Makeup storage

  1. That is a beautiful vanity table, all the more since it’s in a walk-in closet! I especially love the way you display makeup brushes. I’ve seen that done in cosmetic stores – it must make you feel very pampered!

    • Thank you! I do feel pampered, I can literally sit there all day (if I had all the time in the world that is:)) I quickly checked out your blog it’s so informative! I will look into it more in a bit!

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