False lashes review

I have recently gotten a bit (ok a lot!) obsessed with false lashes.

Before getting into it I knew nothing about them or the glue to use. I have since tried out a couple I will discuss!


So this is really a personal preference as each company carries their own unique styles-with some overlaps. Companies I have tried thus far: Ardell, Revlon and ModLash. I do know MAC makes them too. but I don’t feel ok spending that much on lashes when there are equally great lashes available for less. Once they are on I don’t think you can tell the difference.

I have been using ModLash  in #21. I trimmed them a drop because although wispy I felt they were a tad too long for daily use-as opposed to an evening look. I have even worn them to a wedding and love the fact that they look so natural – it’s just an added oomph to my lashes, not a heavy thick piece. I have a very similar pair by Ardell in #110 as well.


The most popular one by far is by Duo. They have 2 kinds, one that dries clear and one that dries dark. How do you decide? I tried both and found that though the clear dries, well, clear I still have to make sure I cover all the glue with eyeliner. The darker kind dries dark so if I miss a spot of liner it’s still dark so it just blends.

Another glue I have tried is Revlon. I love the fact that it comes with a thin brush applicator. It is perfect for carrying in my bag as an emergency glue because the narrow tip fit perfectly in the corner or small section of a lash coming off. I have never tried it as a full lash glue because I want to feel safe by using the Duo and I heard the Duo is stronger but it for sure works great as an emergency glue-I have used it for a corner. Now I concentrate more on the corners when I apply the Duo have have not needed the Revlon but it’s good to have.

I would love to hear your experiences with false lashes!

2 thoughts on “False lashes review

  1. Okay…so I picked up a couple of the Ardells about a month ago. Tried to put them on several time with no success. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…maybe it’s the glue, but I gave up. I may try the Duo glue next time. Thx for the tip!

    • Also try YouTubing for tutorials on how to apply them. That’s what I did and it helped so much! One great tip I got was line the lashes first and then use that line as a guide. And make sure the glue is tacky wait the 20-30 seconds it works so much better. Hope that helps!

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