Why I enjoyed the new Neverland series on the Syfy Channel

There is something about all the Peter Pan movie versions that makes me love them.

As a child I watched and enjoyed tremendously Disney’s Peter Pan, the 1991 movie Hook starring Robin Williams and the 2001 movie called Return to Neverland. I don’t know if it’s my inner dreams of staying young forever, flying or just having that complete innocence that Peter has that warms my heart when I watch anything based on Peter Pan and his adventures.

The latest series on Peter Pan called Neverland, just started running on the Syfy Channel and is a prequel to the story of Peter becoming Peter Pan, how he came to be friends with Tinkerbell and what his connection is to The Lost Boys. Although it’s goal is to introduce us to the characters we know so well, I feel as though the directors, producers and actors did a fantastic job in staying within the character personality and looks, that I felt as if I knew the actors already as their characters. For example, Peter, played by Charlie Rowe looks very “Peter” like, and the same with Tinkerbell, Hook and Smee who interestingly is played by Bob Hoskins, the same actor who played Smee in Hook! That aspect brings a definite sense of familiarity to the series, as though we really know these characters.

Below is a trailer for the series.

Enjoy being transported into an other-worldly place known as Neverland🙂

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