Review of my favorite facial makeup brushes

Here is how I use the facial makeup brushes I have. Let me know what you guys use and if you like them!

This Studio Tools foundation brush from Target is my step 1 for applying foundation. I first get it on the brush (as a tip I mix moisturizer and foundation for a lighter feel as I don’t need heavy coverage anyway:)). I then sort of paint it on my face sections at a time. After each section I use the next brush.

This Duo Fibre F 50 brush by Sigma is what I always use to buff out my foundation application. Using circular strokes it gives me that airbrushed finish!

For blush application I find this to be the lightest touch. I use this for cream blushes or when a powder blush has a very intense color and I only want a dusting.

For a stronger application, or when using very pale colors I use the Sigma large angled contour F40 brush. I also love the angle of it!

I use the Elf powder brush which is a flt top as a buffer to make sure my blush edges are gradual. I buff the edges of the application or if I want less vibrant blush I also buff it towards my hairline and it most definitely works!

A fave brush for setting concealer or foundation is this small contour F05 brush-perfect size for under the eyes.

This NYX brush called “the big one” appropriately, the B01, is awesome for any powder you want to apply to a large surface or entire face. I love it for bronzer application and when using my Makeup Forever HD powder.

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