Review on Melissa and Doug stamp set

For the past few months I have been giving my girls, ages 3 and 5, a sticker after they’ve done something right, behaved nicely or as a bribe (yes, I bribe when I need to!). Little girls that they are, stickers made them squeal with delight and they’d do anything for a sticker.

Well, as of late I noticed one sticker just wasn’t exciting anymore. I bumped it up to 2. By last week 2 wasn’t getting me anywhere.

And then it hit me! After gymnastics the coach always stamps their hands with one shape or another. They look forward to it almost as much as the gymnastics. I knew I had something there. So after some researched I purchased these Melissa and Doug stamps. They are not for the kids to use for play, but for me to use on them. They are back to squealing:)

Review of the product:

I purchased them from Toys R Us. The stamp handles are made of wood and seem very durable. The little ink pads give you a variety of colors may work well on paper but at least a few of the colors don’t show up on their skin. But I’m glad with the purchase, they love them and I can always more ink pads of the colors that work.

2 thoughts on “Review on Melissa and Doug stamp set

  1. Oh wow you have children! haha I was obsessed with those when I was young. But I never got one… my mom gave me the crooked artsy fancy scissors instead lol

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