Chocolate chip cookies-YUM!

Always on the lookout for “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever”, I spotted a recipe for these and decided to try ’em out.

I personally like my chocolate chip cookies on the well done and crunchy side, while my hubby goes for the soft, chewy kind.

As a matter of fact this is true for most foods. To come to a truce (lol), many times if possible, I remove part of the batch I’m making from the oven earlier for him and leave them in longer for myself. I did the same with these. I removed some cookies as the edges start getting golden, while I left the ones for myself in a bit (ok a lot!) longer.

The nature of these cookies though are crunchy. Especially after a day, they hardened up. Next time I might place more dough per cookie to allow it to have more of a center so it’ll maybe be chewy as the recipe says it should be.

I would definitely make these again but am still looking for the best of the best!

Here is this recipe. Do you have a favorite chocolate chip recipe?

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