Zappos, Endless oh my!

Here’s a pic of my shoe order accumulations from the past week!! I love shoes and absolutely LOVE shopping for shoes, especially online.

I like how I can keep tabs open on my browser during shopping and then can compare shoes I am interested in and then order them to try. I tend to get many boxes per order because I order a few different styles of the type of shoe I’m looking into & I always order 2 to 3 sizes as I really range so to be on the safe side I get them all if available. Of course the beauty is, especially with sites that let you return for free such as Piperlime, Zappos, Endless, among others, is that you can return the ones you don’t want no problem. Places such as Nordstrom allow free exchanges which works out if I know I definitely want a specific pair of shoes. Or I can always return at the store.

Back to these boxes lol. Am I the only one who gets sooooooooo excited when the UPS guy comes a’ knock’n at my door? I think not;)

Opening the boxes brings a smile to my face, then unwarpping the shoes from each box… sigh.

2 thoughts on “Zappos, Endless oh my!

    • LOL I really really do. I get excited to shop for them but I am really good and only buying what I need, not just because a shoe is beautiful! The process of it makes me so happy-nothing like the smell of new shoes:)

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