Updated shoe collection!

I looooooooooooooooo(ok I’ll stop now lol)ve shoes!!
Below is a video of my updated collection.
If you are interested to know about any specific pair(s) locate the # in the screen shot of the shoe and inquire about it with the #. That way I know which you’re talking about!

My camera battery was blinking red the entire time I was recording my shoes. Usually I take amazing care of my shoes but as time went on I started to get anxious that I won’t be able to finish them all today on what’s left of the battery. Until midway through I was replacing my shoes back in their appropriate spots but after deciding I don’t want to do all this again tomorrow,I kinda just took them off as I walked into my closet for the next pair, leaving a path of shoes! When I was done recording I thought it looked hilarious so I snapped the pic:)

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