Loving crusty edges…a bit too much:)

Everyone in my family knows: I usually go straight to the edges of anything fried or baked.

This is especially true for potato kugel traditionally baked for Shabbat. (It is sort of a baked pudding usually made with potatoes or noodles, though meat, vegetables and other ingredients are sometimes included. It’s generally served as a side dish. Read More.)

Before I was married, back as long as I remember, my siblings have been annoyed with me for basically eating away at the kugels my mom made, from the edges inward. In my defense, I wanted to make sure I got the edges before anyone else did, even if the way they got it was by taking a “normal” slice.

My dad always used to tell me it’s not classy and when I get married I can do what I want but at his home I should eat as everyone else. This happened weekly, the scenario being same over and over.

Well, when I did get married a few years ago, I continued my way of eating at the kugel. Although it raised my husbands eyebrows just a bit (his mom also loves the crust so it wasn’t earth shattering lol) I was a little bashful at my piggish ways.

A few months ago we came across the Baker’s Edge nonstick edge brownie pan. My genius hubby figured if it works for brownies it should work for kugel as well! The concept is that basically the entire thing you’re baking is one long crust-brilliant! So we ordered one from amazon. Soon after I got it I made my kugel in it. It was just perfect! Edges all over with a small area in between the edges for “normal” people to eat from.

I obviously don’t use it for guests and it works out a bit better for me than for my husband but as long as I’m happy, he’s happy. (Smart man he is;))

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