My new fave fragrance

I am not the fragrance collector type.

I much prefer to have a “signature scent”, one that I wear almost daily.

I love the sense of familiarity each time I spritz it on, as well as me being synonymous to the people around me with that a specific scent!

Until now I’ve been using Intimately Beckham by Victoria Beckham, something about it I loved and still do.

I was curious as to  what else was out there and after asking around and testing some fragrances other people love (each scent is different on individuals) I became obsessed with Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb!

To me it smells sweet, but not overly sweet at all, sophisticated, classy and elegant. It’s a very feminine and romantic scent.

While it goes on a bit strong, over the next hours, undernotes come out from under and it continues to develop into a rich, yet soft scent.

What can I say, I may just have my new “signature scent” 🙂

2 thoughts on “My new fave fragrance

  1. I was just thinking about getting a new perfume, lately I’ve been stuck on a mist from Bath & Body – Paris. I’ve got to try this, maybe in my near future I will be at some mall to try it.

    • I would super highly recommend this one! You could order it from Nordstrom online they have free shipping and return shipping too or Sephora cuz it’ll qualify for free shipping and they also have free return shipping! Keep me posted:)

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