I just found my old diaries!

After doing some organizing I found my diaries! Such a nostalgic moment!

My first diary entry was on June 22, 1991. I was 8 years old. The first diary I went through was a red and white Hello Kitty with a small lock. My last entry was April, 2004. I was 21. By then I was on my third diary, this time in the form of a spiral notebook.

My mom had gotten me and each of my siblings a diary, each at the appropriate age. I assume that’s when we had begun to really write?

She had one of her own and I remember she used to read it to us from time to time.

Reading through my entries, I vividly remember writing every single one. I put my deepest thoughts and feeling in there. I guess I trusted that no one would read it!

It is fascinating to see how I matured in so many ways over the years. From my penmanship, starting with cursive in pencil, later to print in all sorts of pen colors. Also, seeing my thoughts, feelings and worries as an 8 year old, through teenage hood, and some of my college years-boy did those change! I really can relive my childhood reading my diaries.

I hope to give my children a diary to call their own where they can document their lives with old fashion pen and paper. Later, they can look back and see how much they’ve grown and changed over the years…

Did you ever have a diary?

2 thoughts on “I just found my old diaries!

  1. hahah yes I had a diary since I think year 7 or grade 6 so i would have been about 12. Reading through them always makes me laugh as I was so young and innocent back then. Then you learn so much more and become more mature as the years go by 🙂 Good for reminiscing. 🙂

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