Tokidoki kabuki brush review

I had a kabuki brush a few years back and I hated it. I don’t even remember what company it was. I have been using other fluffy brushes as powder brushes and that was fine. But I have recently been keeping an eye out for one that would pick up a bit more powder while still being super soft. After seeing so many positive reviews on for this fun brush, I decided to try it.

This brush is amazing!

Firstly, with regards to packaging and look-how can you say no?!? LOL. Tokidoki makes a handful of adorable brushes for different purposes. All have characters adorning them and have brightly colored tips. This particular one is purple tipped. Just adorable. The base is uniquely square shaped. It’s definitely eye candy:)

As for performance. It’s quite dense and picks up the perfect amount of powder (can be blush, bronzer, setting powder etc.). The coverage is awesome, very even. That being said, it’s insanely soft. So not only does it have an amazing application it’s so soft on the skin as well.

I give it an A+, if you’re in the market for a new kabuki give this one a try , you won’t be disappointed!!

What do you think?

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