eos and Burt’s Bees lip balm reviews


After using Chap Stick lip balm all my life (well, as far as I can remember ;)), I was interested in trying something new.

After seeing many raving reviews on the eos lip balms, I decided to try one out. I mean they are so so cute how could you say no?! They come in egg shaped containers that twist off, displaying a dome shaped balm. Brightly colored, each representing a specific flavor, make this otherwise boring product fun!

It ends there for me. I purchased the flavor called Summer Fruit. Bad bad bad. So here it goes.

Firstly the smell is so overpowering. I am not one that is usually too sensitive to scents but this, sheesh. I had to hold my breath putting it on.

The worst part though is that it dried out my lips! So strange! I thought something was wrong with my lips. I applied it a few more times over the next hour trying to sooth my lips which were not chapped to begin with. I had wanted it more for prevention and to moisturize my lips. Eventually it hit me it might be the product. So after researching to see if this happened to anyone else, I was relieved to see that it has. Obviously this product works totally fine for some people but for me it did not work out.

I must say though since the packaging is so super cute, I pulled out the balm and keep it closed on my vanity. LOL

Looking for something else to try, I came across Burt’s Bees lip balm.

I tried the one that is called “Tinted Lip Balm” in the color Hibiscus.

I love it! It glides on like butter, and I love that it adds a somewhat sheer yet buildable color. It’s perfect to have in my bag for color on the run and to moisturize too!

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