MAC lipstick swatches, M.A.C. Red review plus update on my “red lip” routine!

One benefit of having a friend who is a makeup artist is that I get to see more of a variety of colors per product! Batya Wiesner of Makeup by Batya, showed me a handful of her many MAC lipsticks she uses on her clients. Here is a picture of the swatches with the list of colors. Keep an eye out for the color called M.A.C. red and continue reading below! (Same shades, different lighting).


Crosswires, Ravishing, Lady Danger, Dare you, M.A.C. Red, Rebel, Girl About Town, Chatterbox, Snob, Chic

I also wanted to mention an update on my post on the NARS Matte Lip Pencil I had gotten and been using in the color Cruella. (You can read that post here.)  Basically after searching for “the perfect red” I came across this incredibly smooth pencil and fell in love. The red is a beautiful shade, albeit a tad deeper than the one I had envisioned getting. For an evening out it’s perfect, but I still wanted a brighter, lighter shade for daytime. MAC’s Russian Red, and Ruby Woo, two of the most popular MAC reds for sure, just didn’t look right on me. Maybe it’s the fact that they are Matte so they’re drying and not that easy to put on.

I then started playing around with some lip liners to alter the color of the NARS pencil. Bingo! Instead of using a shade similar to Cruella, (Brick by MAC) I began trying lighter shades. Finally I chose Cherry by MAC. It gives it more of that punch I was looking for. Also applying with a lighter hand of NARS’s Cruella gave me a lighter look. Not only that, but I also purchased the lipstick pictured above among the swatches and below in M.A.C. Red. Using a lip brush I applied the lipstick on top and I absolutely love the end result! I feel like I have enough shades to mix it up however I want; go heavier on the NARS for a deeper look or heavier on the MAC for a lighter look. I also found that using a lip brush to apply the color gave me more control, helped get into all the areas of my lips smoothly and allowed me to slowly build up the color I was satisfied with.

I found the M.A.C. Red to be really nicely pigmented. It has a blue undertone similar to Russian Red and Ruby Woo, but being a satin finish, it is more moisturizing, has a sheen and is smoother to apply. It is extremely long lasting (the whole combo was-MAC liner, NARS pencil then MAC lipstick). Let’s just say, straight out of the shower it was still on, less so then before but still a very obvious a “red lip”.

Do you guys have a favorite lipstick of any specific color?

12 thoughts on “MAC lipstick swatches, M.A.C. Red review plus update on my “red lip” routine!

  1. So glad to have found another Mac lover. Lipstick just doesn’t say on me well. I can use a primer, liner, the whole deal and it still wears off, until I found Mac’s Pro Longwear. It is amazing! Next time you are in the store you’ll have to check them out. All fired up is one of my favorite matte reds of Mac but it is quite drying.

    • Hmmm, maybe I will try it although my lips tend to be dry so I’m not sure if that would be good. I buy a lot from Nordstrom online and try things out and return if it’s not good!

  2. I need to play around with lipstick. I have done red before and loved it actually but I’m usually a nude lip girl. I’m looking for a good bright pink to try for spring! Love the blog, dear!

    • I hear ya! That’s why I love ordering from Nordstrom and sephora because they have free return shipping and this way I can try the colors on on my own time and not be pressured to buy something that someone else says looks good on me! And the lighting in the stores are terrible!

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