NARS Illuminator-stunning!

While showing me some of her arsenal used for her clients, my makeup artist friend Batya Wiesner of Makeup by Batya pulled out this beauty!

Wearable alone or with makeup, this is a red carpet secret used on celebs for that ever so coveted glow. It can be used on the face or body. Great spots for face use would be wherever the light would hit: forehead, cheekbones, brow bone, down the nose and inner eye corners. For the body it looks gorgeous on the shoulders and décolleté.

It comes in 4 shades: From a sheer sheen in the color Copacabana to sheer colors in Laguna, Orgasm, Super Orgasm. Those of you familiar with NARS products will know these are names of their blushes and bronzer. You get that hint of color with shine for a stunning effect.

On the left hand is the NARS Illuminator in the color Orgasm.

The right hand has nothing. You can see the difference clearly (I hope:))

Rihanna using NARS Orgasm Illuminator

Zoe Saldana Glowing with NARS Orgasm Illuminator

4 thoughts on “NARS Illuminator-stunning!

    • I read that for oily skin it might not be such a good idea. Combination skin should be fine though. If you get it from Sephora though you can always return it If it doesn’t work out for you!

  1. All of my friends are raving about this product! I think I definitely have to try it!.
    I really like your blog 🙂 THX for following mine. Talk soon xoxo

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