Black eye shadow comparison


I was in need of a good matte black eye shadow and I was deciding between Perversion by Urban Decay and Blackout which is part of a Smashbox trio called Dark Room.

To begin, they both have nice packaging but Urban Decay’s is just so different I love that! And while this post is really about the black shadow I got excited when I saw that beautiful grey from the Smashbox pallete called Granite (the highlight color in there is called Opal). Urban decay does not have a matte grey eyeshadow as far as I’m aware. I love to do the smokey eye look with greys so as a whole the Smashox set did offer me more.



Now, back to the black. On the left you’ll see the swatches. Wow what a difference! To begin with the Smashbox was definitely smoother, more pigmented and definitely more matte. The Urban Decay shadow almost felt like it had grains, or something, that prevented it from smearing as smoothly as Smashbox. So the Smashbox trio wins way above the more hyped Urban Decay shadow. I am excited to use it and hope to do a tutorial of me wearing the look:)

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