Makeup Forever Aqua Eyeliner review

Here are 15 out of 16 colors. For details check out Sephora‘s site where they are sold for $23.

Introduced in 2011, these incredible eye liners by Makeup Forever were first used at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami where the goal was to create bright eye looks. How does this pertain to you? Well, they stayed put at nearly 100 degrees of Miami heat and humidity! These are 100% waterproof (if you want to remove it you must use waterproof makeup remover).

Ever hesitate to go for a swim for fear of the dreaded “raccoon eyes” where your eye makeup smears and runs down your face? Or tried to cover your face after getting caught in a downpour? Come home after a night out and looked in shock at the mirror’s reflection? Fear no more!

The eyeliners are also amazing for brides who’s tears may flow (most of us have had tears as a bride no? Joyful tears:))

These are available in 16 colors to suit your every mood. More traditional? Go for the navy or black. More daring? Invite summer in with bright pink or green. As long as your liner is on straight (go ahead and add a wing tip too) you will look polished and be able to pull off the vivid colors. Finishes range from mattes to shimmers to sparkles. They go on smoothly and evenly from when the tip touches your skin until you lift it off.

A tip is to remember that since it’s waterproof you should put it on clean skin, then add your eyeshadow.

My friend Batya Wiesner of Makeup by Batya showed these to me and I’m sold. Here are the swatches we tested. I also swatched these on myself but did not take a picture. Once they dried it was impossible to smudge, even after trying really hard.


Diamond Gold, Turquoise Blue, Iridescent Emerald Green

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