Tinkerbell costume for Purim

My, where has the time gone?

This year Purim falls out on March 8th. (Read about Purim here on the Aish website or this Wikipedia article.)

In honor of Purim, my daughters’ school had a carnival and the kids went to school all dressed in their costumes! This year they wanted to be Tinkerbell. I believe this comes from their obsession show Jake and the Neverland Pirates. While the show is loosely based on Peter Pan, the cast is different and between you and me, there is no Tinkerbell on this show, but who’s gonna burst their bubble right? lol

Here are some pictures I took today of my girls all dressed up! Below I will tell you how I put it all together!

Costume: Purchased from 2 different buyers on Amazon. I was hoping they wouldn’t notice the slight differences in the costumes (one had more glittery wings than the other and the flower at the waist is a bit different). Thank goodness only my very perceptive 5 year old did, so I let her choose which wings she wanted. It is cold here in New York so they are wearing t-shirts and tights.

Shoes: Found them at a Disney store (perfect!). If you look closely, you will notice the original green elastic strap it came with. Although it held the foot better than I thought it would, I wished it was located closer to the ankle like a real mary jane. As they ran around the house with them they kept slipping off. So my creative self (pat on the back here;)) found the perfect pink organza ribbon to match the material under the butterfly at the toe part and used it to make an additional strap. I punctured holes at the sides of the shoes, ran the ribbon through and voilà. It worked.

Makeup: Thanks to my Coastal Scents 88 color eye shadow palette, I had plenty of lime greens, yellows and greens to create this look. With Yellows and Lime Greens I covered the entire lid, and added darker greens at the outer corners for a more wing tipped look. A tad of pink blush to liven up the cheeks and some shimmer makeup on the cheeks and forehead (not really visible in the pictures).

Hair: A top knot bun. Well, almost-I did the quickie version.

That’s it! You like? Let me know!

Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday!)

7 thoughts on “Tinkerbell costume for Purim

  1. glued to the pictures, someone is gotta pulllllll me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how much for the picture of them watching each other??? keep up the good work 🙂

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