DIY headband holder

I’ve been meaning to make a headband holder for my girls since forever and finally had a chance today! On the left is one of my complete no sew holders. I made two of these today (one set for each daughter) but once you figure out what needs to be done it’s fairly simple.

I have seen this style with just the top part, but as I create hair accessories that I sell on my other blog-Mbellishd-check it out!, my girls needed more space so I added the bottom section. I think I may add a third sometime as well. I also plan to add two white hooks on the very bottom for their pony holders.

I figured I will share how I did it with step-by step pix and instructions. Hope it’s all easily understood! Let me know if you have any questions:)

What you need:

1 roll of paper towel per section

measuring tape


embellishment for ends (can be buttons flowers etc.)

glue gun

material (app. 19″ x 22″ for each roll)

4.25 feet of ribbon (not pictured)


You want to get your paper towel roll to about 5-5.25″, so unroll the excess until you get to desired width

Glue down the last paper

Start by gluing an edge to the roll. It’s ok if this side is fraying from the cut, later you will cover it.

Roll it towards the other end leaving a few inches for the next part.

Instead of sewing a seam to prevent fraying at this end, just fold over a tiny bit and glue it down.

Now bring up that edge and glue it over the other one, covering it with the nice section you just created.

Tuck in all the ends by pleating, gluing then pushing the edges into the hole.

Try to do this as taut possible.

It should look something like this.

Now is when you add the ribbon.

It’s all personal taste but these are my measurements.

To hold the two rolls I used about 8″ on either end. Just glue the ends and tuck them into the holes.

For the hanging portion I used about 35″ of which you glue and tuck them into the roll you deem will be the top.

Glue your embellishment to the ends of the rolls.

Here I chose silk flowers. If you noticed in the above picture, the centers here are crystal as opposed to the yellow it came with. I took apart the flower and switched it the the crystal which I liked better for this project.

Finally! The finished product.

And here it is with headbands.


For an updated version click here.

52 thoughts on “DIY headband holder

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  2. Thank you !! A friend sent me this link when I asked for headband storage ideas. My daughter and I hit up Hobby Lobby this morning , where everything we needed was on sale! And I found the flowers super cheap in the gift wrapping department! This whole project took 15 minutes – including time for the glue gun to heat up! Love it!!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been looking for a hair band solution for awhile now and yours really stood out! I’m not a very crafty person but your instructions were so great I gave it a shot and it turned out great!!!! It really is surprisingly rewarding to solve a problem and make something yourself! Thanks again for sharing your ideas!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this!! I have been searching for a way to hang my nieces headbands for a while and havent found anything i cared for. This is genius and looks so cute!! Thanks for taking the time to share!!

  5. Thank you so much Devorah! You are so clever. Not only was this easy (thanks to your directions) and quick to put together (less than an hour- that includes searching for the hot glue gun), it was really inexpensive. It cost about $12 for everything! My little four-year old LOVES it! I still can’t believe that I (a non-crafty person) made THIS! Thank you again and again.

  6. This is such a great idea. I am the least crafty person in the world, but my five year old daughter and I gave this a try. We did it in less than an hour – so simple and so cute! She just loves it! Thanks for a great idea. 🙂

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  8. Hi. I love the look of this! You can be so creative with it but I have a couple questions. I’m having so much trouble finding the flower embellishments. The ones you used look much nicer than any I’ve found. Can you direct me to a place that I could find some similar to yours? Also, it seems you used a wide silk ribbon. Do you find that it’s the best choice? Would a thinner grosgrain ribbon also work? Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi! Glad you like it! Re the flowers, I sell them as appliques for my headbands/hats on I cannot remember exactly where I got them but google daisy silk flowers and see what you get! About the ribbon, narrower should be fine but I felt for the double rolls the wider had more support. Let me know how it goes!
      Good luck!

    • A few dollar stores in my area actually sell flower (hair) clips that look like this. They are large and I think the same size as these. You could take the clip off or maybe you wouldn’t even have to as the clip is very flat.

      • Hi Jennifer! These are actually hair clips! I had quite a few since I also make hair accessories ( So I removed the back and even the green hard plastic that holds the shape up. I then reglued each layer-it takes a minute tops. Thanks for visiting!

  9. my question to this headband holder is how or what can I use when the baby used only closed headbands. Remember infants do not use open band

      • I saw an idea for closed headbands using an oatmeal box glued onto a candle holder or something similar so it’s standing on its end and you can put the headbands over it. It would actually work for closed or open. Cover the oatmeal box with pretty paper or fabric, put a flower on the top and voila!

  10. You can also use the large (jumbo) pool noodles (foam), cut into the lengths you desire. They are nice & firm & work great!!

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  13. I just made this with my 6 year old and it was so easy thanks to your instructions! She wears headbands everyday and this will be fantastic for keeping them organized. We both just love it, thank you!!

  14. Ilove this and have 3 grands that will too what type of hooks did you put on the bottom for the pig tail bands?thanks a bunch

  15. Thanks for this! I made this for my gf last night and it took a bit less than 1.5hrs :)I bought value paper towels from Ralph’s but I think it matters on quality because the roll was soft. However it was 4.75″ diameter on the sides already.

  16. Thank you so much for this! I plenty of paper towels and scrap material for this. I sell headbands at a local store and needed to figure out how to make one of these. They look great!

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