The fascinating world of Pinterest

A few months ago I joined Pinterest.

I had originally read an article about this up and coming pin-board style site where users can create themed albums by allowing it’s users to browse other people’s albums. If a user finds photos in someone else’s album that they would like to incorporate into their own, they “re-pin” it to their own album. These albums can be titled anything but some popular ones are Hair, Makeup, My style, DIY, Beautiful, Dream home etc.

It’s interesting to note that in North America about 83% of users are women!

I especially love the inspirations I get by seeing other people’s My style pins. It is also a phenomenal advertising tool. If you have something you create and either sell or want to show the world, this is a great place to do it and reach a world full of people who may have never stumbled (a great web tip as well!) upon your website or work.

If you are on Pinterest definitely follow me and I will do the same to you!

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