Handbag table hanger review

When I got my Balenciaga handbag (see video here) I knew that it would never touch a floor in it’s lifetime (other than the rug in my closet).

Just about the time I got my bag, I came across this handbag table hanger. It may seem over-the top to some, but in the effort of keeping my treasure clean as new, I just had to try it out! I’ve since used it many a time, mostly when I’m out at a restaurant or the like. They come in all sorts of colors and styles but they essentially work the same way. I bought mine at Target I think for about $15 or so. The “head” folds flat and is very easily tucked away in my small makeup and essentials kit I keep inside my bag. There are others that fold up to an even  smaller size and I may get one if I come across one I like.

Here are some pics of it being used today while I had lunch with my hubby!


What do you think?

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