So useful!

If you’re like me, you’ve come across a necklaces online and tried to figure out (me with a tape measure) where the necklace would fall on you if you were to purchase it. I definitely messed up at least once.

I recently found this photo and I think it’s genius I just had to share!

Of course based on your stature it might be off a bit but it’s such a great idea to be able to visualize whether or not a specific length is what you’re looking for!


4 thoughts on “So useful!

    • Thanks for your comment! The material along the zipper is grey and the actual hardware is brass-like, but it’s quite faded. I don’t remember if that’s how it came. Because of the zipper though I would for sure wear it with gold and since the actual bag is grey I’d wear it with silver as well. So it’s very versatile!

      I hope this helps:)

  1. Thanks for posting this. Since I’m always shopping online it is great to have this visual! Now if only there was a standard visual measurement for clothes. It seems like everyone has there own idea how big (or small) each size is!

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