Beauty Blender review

Hey everyone!

I’ve gotten some requests to do a review on the beauty blender so here it is:)

I actually purchased this a few months back but have only recently began using it for which I will later explain why, but now I am officially obsessed!

What it is: A unique egg-shaped sponge used to apply liquid makeup such as foundation.

How it’s used: Hold it under running water while squeezing a few times, waiting a few seconds until it about doubles in size. Then give it one last squeeze without water running over it. It should be dampish not dripping.  The purpose of this is to have it filled with water so it won’t soak up your makeup-it is a sponge after all 😉

My opinion: This is so super soft! So getting back to why I had not been using it until recently is because I am lazy! As I mentioned earlier because you need to get water absorbed into it it added an extra step! I would sit down at my makeup table ready to do my makeup and then I’d notice the blender-but I never wanted to get up again and always resorted to my brushes. So after getting requests I decided to just go for it-and once I did I have not used a brush since.

It gives such a flawless application it’s amazing! It definitely lives up to it’s hype. It has the pointy edge for small areas like under you eyes and the broader end for the general face. The finish is an airbrushed look with no streaks and a very even coloring.

The only negative (besides the added step of getting it wet lol) is that it seems to absorb more foundation than my brush. Therefore I have to use a bit more-I’d say a few pumps worth. Oh well, I have been using it for the past week though because it just feels and looks great:)

2 thoughts on “Beauty Blender review

  1. if you don’t want to use up the foundation – apply foundation with brush or fingers and then use the blender to just blend everything in a smooth out all the rough edges.

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