My most fave new makeup brush (and why Iv’e been MIA)

So sorry to all my followers for having been MIA!

So much has happened since my last post, the most major being Hurricane Sandy 😦 and the time consuming after-effects. I can write a whole blog post just on my family’s experience on having gone through it (while being at home), what it was like dealing with all insurance companies (we are still in the long process) and having to literally rebuild our home from scratch due to foundation damage from the storm. That’s all for another time…

Anyway, so I for sure have more than enough makeup brushes than one needs to apply every single item of makeup possible during one sitting but when I saw this baby I had to try it! It’s the LY20 Super Fan Brush by Louise Young which I purchased at Nordstrom. I actually own another fan brush (well two but I had given the other away to my sister as I didn’t find that much use for it) which is the Laura Mercier one. The concept behind the fan brush is that it’s bristles generally aren’t tightly packed and that along with it’s unique shape makes it perfect for dusting. That could be dusting on highlight or it’s also perfect for dusting away eyeshadow fallout. It’s meant to be a light touch brush.

Well, The Louise Young brush is anything but that! It’s got the same basic shape but that’s where its similarities to other fan brushes I have seen stop! First of all it’s HUGE! Like literally it’s more than double the size of your standard brush. It’s also very densely packed and the bristles are firmer-yet super soft.

When I first saw it I thought this is way too big for my petite face but I tried it out for something totally different as far as fan brushes go. I used it for bronzer and even blush! Because of it’s size it actually works out amazing. In two or three swipes my neck is evenly bronzed. I have used it for an all-over bronzed look or for under the cheek contouring. It’s obviously too big for more detailed contouring like on my nose. Just yesterday I bronzed my cheekbones and my forehead in the traditional 3E concept and added a touch of pink blush on the cheeks as well as forehead-a super light touch. It looked so natural-like sun-kissed with a hint of a burn.

I highly recommend trying it. Though it’s price tag is $42 it serves multi purposes and it is a wonderful addition to my brush collection! Below are some pics. Please excuse the makeup on it from yesterday!




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