Review: Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray in Chill

ImageI generally don’t need my makeup to stay on for 8 plus hours during an average weekday, but when Shabbat rolls around I sure do! (On a basic level for those who are not familiar with this issue, on Shabbat, Jews may neither stain nor smear thus the prohibition on applying makeup on Shabbat. There are Shabbat approved make ups but I will get to that.)

So, the one day when I actually tend to have less rush-y conversation with other women, allowing longer face to face time, meet more people whether in shul or over lunch, I was very frustrated that my makeup that I love cannot be freshly applied!

Regarding Shabbat approved makeup: I have not found colors I love, I don’t like how you must apply them, each with a different brush, not layering on the other etc, that method is not for me. I like building up, layering, blending…

I know some people forget the whole makeup thing and while I do go out without makeup plenty, I really like how it looks. Anyway. My next plan of action was to pile it on on Friday, looking outrageous so when much of it gets rubbed off overnight (even while keeping my face off the pillow-not a great night’s sleep) I still have some on! I’m sure plenty of others have done the same;)

Well, that brings me to my current process and a new product, my HG for my weekend makeup routine. While I start with primer and do layer on perhaps a bit more than usual, I finish of with a few spritzes of the Urban Decay makeup setting spray in Chill. They have a few types, this one is for drier skin. It totally works! It’s refreshing when applied and dries matte. An important tip is that you must shake it until you don’t hear the liquid inside it. It takes maybe 20 or so seconds. Then spray it on!

While I still keep my face off the pillow (and don’t get a great night’s sleep lol) the makeup looks pretty darn good the next day!

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