Review: Nars Ita Brush

I’ve been looking to find the perfect brush fokabuki-artisan-ita-brush-neimanr contouring and I found it! For those of you who follow my blog, you read a previous post on my new fave bronzing brush which is the LY20 Super Fan Brush by Louise Young (you can read it here). That particular brush, in short, is capable of so many things-from applying bronzer to even applying blush! I have used it for contouring and it’s awesome, however I needed something with more of a fine narrow tip. Granted that one is huge-but it works amazing for a buffed contouring of the cheekbone. I needed something that would be more precise for certain looks as well as one that fits nice on the sides of my nose.

Enter NARS’ Ita Brush. An extremely peculiar shape, it’s flat while being about 1.5″ wide. Perfect for what I need. I have read the bristles aren’t the softest and it is true. But it’s not scratchy either. It will take some getting used to. I use NARS’ blush in Zen for my contouring because it’s a bit darker than skin tone but not as brown and deep as bronzers so it not nearly as detectable. I do not do strong contouring, more like shading what needs to be receded. (Whatever you darken recedes while highlighter brightens and brings forward.)



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