Following my age-old dream…

Hi Everyone!

So the other day I got hooked on a dream I’ve had forever-to learn how to play the guitar!Image

I’ve never played an instrument (I wish they would have given us the option at school), but have always loved music. Particularly the piano and even more so the guitar. I’ve has these thoughts of attempting but they come and go.

We recently watched the Disney movie Frozen, and my girls are obsessed with it! They love to sing Do you wanna build a snowman and Let it go from the movie. I confess, I do too. So while we were belting it out, I thought guitar accompanying it would be so amazing. I know to be able to play that is a long time away, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

So I did some research (thanks Facebookers for your advice:)). Not wanting to spend a lot right off the bat, (I tend to tire of things quite quickly), and after speaking to some music store representatives, I decided on the Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar in the color Regular Redburst. I love the rustic look of it. I am soooooo excited to give it a go!!

Worse comes to worst, I told myself, it’ll look nice in my studio!

PS I would love to hear advice or tips for an absolute novice! Thanks!!


4 thoughts on “Following my age-old dream…

  1. Props on giving it a shot (and on picking your guitar – it’s a nice one). Make sure to not give up too quickly, as it will take some time to connect the different chords that you’ll learn. Also, you might want to give youtube a shot with some of the tutorials.

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