I’m Baaaaack!

It’s been 2 years since Sandy (to the day!!), and after rebuilding our house, my business, and so much in between, I’m finally at a point where I’m officially reopened for business! It’s been long and I’m super pumped to get back into the swing of things! I’m (almost) settled in – stay tuned for more pictures of my new studio. I absolutely love it:) Though I’m taking my time to find the perfect finishing touches, it’s a dream!

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Rebuilding Post Sandy

As many of you know, my home was ruined during the infamous Hurricane Sandy. Although we made it out ok our house had to be rebuilt. (Luckily my hubby is an architect!) Along with the home that drowned, a lot of the stock I had from my accessories company Mbellishd went with it. Anything that so much as looked at the water, I tossed. That, in conjunction with moving twice in the interim (once from the old house to my mother-in-law right after, then somewhere else until we moved back home) and being my own decorator for the new house, maintaining constant watch on the sub-contractors etc., took nearly all the time I had. Though I kept up Mbellishd, I couldn’t give it my full focus.

Well, we are back at home, getting more settled with each passing day, and I am in the midst of putting together my new studio!! Here is a picture of the shelving that was just installed. I love love love my grey-stained floors against the pink walls!


Now that the shelving is in, I will decide on desk shape and room decor. Stay tuned for pics of my developing studio and finally of my new stock 🙂 I can’t wait to share it all!

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Presenting Mbellishd!

As some of you may know, I have been selling custom hair accessories for 7 years under the name Headturner Boutique. I felt it needed a name change and am now presenting Mbellishd!  I will carry the same items (more types of things may be added…), have the same service and same prices! For those of who follow me on Facebook, they will officially change the page name in the next few days.

My new email for inquiries and/or orders is: info.mbellishd@gmail.com

New link for my website: http://mbellishd.wordpress.com/


Please be patient as I will be slowly adding photos to the site!

Thanks to all my great customers who have helped me get this far!





Check out new baby/girl bands!

I just posted new pix of baby/girl soft bands on my site! You can check them out here.

Sneak peak:


Stay tuned for more updates:)

Orders can be placed through Headturner Boutique, or feel free to email me for custom orders at  info@headturnerboutique.com.

Custom create your own hair accessories at Headturner Boutique

As many of you know, I sell hair accessories on my website HeadturnerBoutique.com. That includes headbands for women, girls and babies as well as hats for each including beanies, fedoras, berets and newsboys.

What sets Headturner Boutique apart from other such stores though, is that not only can you purchase items already created, you can mix and match pretty much any applique you see with any piece of hardware: clip, pony holder hat or band!

With spring/summer 2012 (can you believe it? lol) right around the corner, fresh new appliqués are arriving daily! From little girl’s sequin bows and flowers, to more mature and exquisite beaded appliqués and everything in between! Order them to be placed on any of our colorful pony holders, several clip options, all sorts of hard and soft bands.

Need something to match a particular outfit? Local people can bring their outfit to the boutique for a perfect match (located in Woodmere, NY) and for those of you who live farther convo me for more info on how to find that perfect outfit topper.

We ship worldwide, with US shipping just $5. For more info on national shipping or any other inquiry please do email us at info@headturnerboutique.com.

In this album you can get a sense of what appliqués I have, although remember this is just a sampling! For more picture and sizing on each applique be sure to visit the website and follow us on Facebook for new item updates, sale info and specials.

Get you creative juices flown’ 🙂