Makeup Forever Aqua Eyeliner review

Here are 15 out of 16 colors. For details check out Sephora‘s site where they are sold for $23.

Introduced in 2011, these incredible eye liners by Makeup Forever were first used at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami where the goal was to create bright eye looks. How does this pertain to you? Well, they stayed put at nearly 100 degrees of Miami heat and humidity! These are 100% waterproof (if you want to remove it you must use waterproof makeup remover).

Ever hesitate to go for a swim for fear of the dreaded “raccoon eyes” where your eye makeup smears and runs down your face? Or tried to cover your face after getting caught in a downpour? Come home after a night out and looked in shock at the mirror’s reflection? Fear no more!

The eyeliners are also amazing for brides who’s tears may flow (most of us have had tears as a bride no? Joyful tears:))

These are available in 16 colors to suit your every mood. More traditional? Go for the navy or black. More daring? Invite summer in with bright pink or Continue reading

Trend watch – Peter Pan collars!

A huge trend for the fall 2011/winter 2012 season has been the Peter Pan collar.

It’s really amazing what a well placed collar can do to an outfit. The rounded edged collar brings it up a notch, adding a girly sophistication to the look. Depending on size and materiel of the outfit, the collar can also create a “vintage-y” effect. From completely embellished collars, to minimal ones in plain white, it is the current must have for any fashionista!

Here are some photos of it being worn on runways and celebrities alike.

I love Bethenny Frankel’s style (pics!)

There’s something about Bethenny Frankel that I’ve always been drawn to. I followed her from Real Housewives of New York, to Bethenny Getting Married. Truth be told the main reason I liked RHNY was Bethenny. Although of course I still watch it now (all the housewive shows are my guilty pleasures:)) it definitely got more boring without her.

Firstly I love her quick tongue. Granted, that gets her into trouble sometimes but I tend to get flustered if someone says something to me I’m not expecting so I wish I had that quality where I can say something in return without missing a beat!

Then of course is her fashion sense. Her body is sick (in a good way!) so I’m sure anything looks awesome on her. But I mostly love Continue reading

My celebrity style icon

I absolutely love love love Victoria Beckham’s style. She has an aura of sophistication.
She always looks impeccable. That includes obviously when she’s dressed for a party or night out, and just as much on her casual looking days when she’s out with her beautiful kids and hubby! She can pull off anything.

And I totally envy her closet! Her bags, her shoes and clothes, I love them all. When she’s not wearing the intentional “over-sized, loose fitting” look, her clothes are tailored so perfectly on her body it’s as if she was sewn into them. I always get my clothes tailored-I hate when things don’t fit just perfect. It is a rare instance when right off the hanger it fits perfectly. Many people just put on an outfit not caring about strange pulls or creases. Ahhh lol-that’s a major pet peeve of mine!