Cap – Headturner Boutique

Layering T

Shirt – H & M

Skirt – Hard Tails

Boots – Nine West

Jacket – Guess

Scarf – Urban Outfitters

Earrings – New York & Company



Gucci vs. Guess. Too similar?

3 years since the Gucci vs. Guess lawsuit was filed, they finally met up in court this week. This war definitely reminds me of the Christian Louboutin vs. YSL lawsuit which I posted about a while back. (Read it here.)

Gucci is claiming that there are about 1500 products that seem too similar to Gucci products, especially with it’s striking logo resemblance, as well as other aspects of many products.

Takes this shoe for example.

Guess is on top and Gucci is on the bottom. Gucci claims that the logo concept of the interlocking “G” is reflected in Guess’s logo. And in this particular case, the red strip down the side of the shoe seems copied.

Gucci is looking for over a hundred million dollars in damages for infringement of what it says are “studied imitations of the Gucci trademarks”.

Guess’s defense is that 99 percent of their products “could never be confused with Gucci”.

In my opinion they are too similar to be coincidental. A shoe with so much in common can not have been thought up by someone without the influence of seeing the Gucci shoe.

Outfit of the day

So today is the first day I had a chance to wear my new Balenciaga! I love how the color is good for the Fall. I also had tried it against my black coat and it is a pop of color which is great. The color of this bag, Papyrus is actually chameleon-like in the fact that the color seems to change based on lighting. It can range from taupe looking to grey. Love it!!

Jacket – Guess

Sweater – Express

Layering Tee – Kikki Rikki

Skirt – Old Navy

Leggings – H & M

Shoes – Tory Burch

Bag – Balenciaga