Best products for curly haired gals out there

My 5 year old daughter somehow managed to get herself a head full of beautiful curly hair. My husband has stick straight hair and I have wavy, none of the curls that she has going on!

She had begun telling me that she wishes she had straight hair. My heart fell as I always hoped that she will embrace her curls and learn to love them.

So I figured it’s time to get serious about using the right products to maintain and enhance what she’s got. Especially noticeable and bothersome to her was the light layer of frizz on top her head once her hair dried. Having no experience with curly hair other then some light mousse usage on myself, I immersed myself in research on everything curls.

I figured I will share this with others looking for tried and true products. Of course product results differ on individuals, depending on specific hair type and preferences.

Hair styling begins as the shower gets turned off. A light squeeze of the hair to get majority of the water out is step one. Then, instead of using a traditional terry towel Continue reading