Nail polish holder – thinking outside the box:)

Here are pix of how I store my nail polishes. It is not a large collection at all but they have to go somewhere! I purchase this tiered plastic tray at The Container Store. It was in the kitchen department, I guess for cabinets or under the sink use, but it’s perfect for finding the polish I’m looking for at a glance! You can find it here. I definitely recommend walking down their aisles if you’re in an “organizing zone” and keep your eyes peeled for using something for your needs as opposed to what its meant for:)

The tray also keeps the polishes safely displayed on my shelf-with the high lip all around it that keeps them all in place. I organized them by placing currently used ones at the bottom, more springy and summery colors in the middle and my daughters’ at the top.


Makeup storage

Here are some pictures of my vanity/makeup table and how I store my makeup.

I spent a few weeks looking high and low for my dream makeup table and I finally found it.

It’s from Pier 1 and came as a set with the bench. I can sit there all day (especially because it’s in my walk in closet lol) I just love it!

My makeup is basically kept in a acrylic holder I got many years ago. My brushes are separated in glass jars. One is for facial brushes and one for eyes and smaller brushes. They are held Continue reading

My new fave fall nail polishes

OMG I am in heav!

I just got some new polishes to add to my fall/winter collection.

I bought a dozen or so from CVS and they have a great return policy that lets you return open items. So I tried each color on one nail cuz colors always look different on your nails than in the bottle. Here are the winners (plus some from last year I still have and are in great condition).

Can’t wait to wear em! What are some of your faves?


Power Clutch,    Chinchilly,    Midnight Cami

                                                     WHAT I STILL HAVE:

Pat on the Black,    Plum Luck,    Commander in Chic,    Red Flare,    Hollywood Scarlett