Rebuilding Post Sandy

As many of you know, my home was ruined during the infamous Hurricane Sandy. Although we made it out ok our house had to be rebuilt. (Luckily my hubby is an architect!) Along with the home that drowned, a lot of the stock I had from my accessories company Mbellishd went with it. Anything that so much as looked at the water, I tossed. That, in conjunction with moving twice in the interim (once from the old house to my mother-in-law right after, then somewhere else until we moved back home) and being my own decorator for the new house, maintaining constant watch on the sub-contractors etc., took nearly all the time I had. Though I kept up Mbellishd, I couldn’t give it my full focus.

Well, we are back at home, getting more settled with each passing day, and I am in the midst of putting together my new studio!! Here is a picture of the shelving that was just installed. I love love love my grey-stained floors against the pink walls!


Now that the shelving is in, I will decide on desk shape and room decor. Stay tuned for pics of my developing studio and finally of my new stock 🙂 I can’t wait to share it all!

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