Why I don’t hate labels

labels.jpg As some of you know, I try to set up singles. There are many factors that go into setting people up, and I’ve found that one of the trickier aspects of dating in the religious world is the application of labels.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times: “I hate labeling myself.” While nobody likes to be pigeonholed, allow me to explain why this often bemoaned point is not only beneficial but necessary.

Looking up at the night sky with your naked eye (assuming you’re not in a city!), you can see billions of stars. They’re beautiful to behold, but they all look kind of…identical. You try setting up two random stars and hoping the night won’t end in tears! Once you look through, say, the Hubble telescope, you begin to see that some of the stars are actually planets or other space objects (hey, I’m not an astronomer!). Perhaps this comet would really get along with that comet, you’d start to think. Now you can get cooking, to mix metaphors.

In other words, if someone refuses to label themselves, how am I supposed to know if I should suggest a match who’s Yeshivish vs someone who’s on the liberal side of Modern Orthodox?

When I talk to singles, I say: first provide me with your general label and then we can get into the details of what that label means to you. Labels are very much relative – what’s “modern” for a Chassidish person isn’t “modern” for a Modern Orthodox person. My rule is, let’s put you in a box, and then we can open the lid. Oh, and we can even add compartments 😉




Israel Adventures-Sisters Trip!

A couple months ago, I had the amazing opportunity of a lifetime to travel to the Holy Land, the Land of Israel, along with my sisters Chanie and Aliza. This was our first lengthy sisters trip as adults, since I got married while they were still young teens. My wonderful husband assured me that it was ok for me to go, and even encouraged me to – he’s the best😉

It was just the most magical, beautiful time. Firstly, as close as we are, back at home each of us is busy with daily life. Being together for a longer than normal period of time, we forged an even stronger bond – shared experiences are priceless! And while it was super hard to leave my husband and kids (I stayed up late at night to catch them after school for “face-timing” since Israel is 7 hours ahead), it was a time to think about just me and know that they were being well taken care of.

I’ve been to Israel before, but I can never get enough. There is such rich history under every stone. I always wish I could transpose myself to another time, when a now-quiet area had hustle and bustle, when you could hear ancient voices and see ancient life. What’s the story each tree can tell? This trip – although we did have fun:) – concentrated on our shared love of history, particularly Jewish history, in this historically rich country. Chanie teaches about the Arab-Israeli conflict, using her experience in international law, and both Aliza and I love history, so it was perfection.

Below are some pics of our adventures. Aliza being ever so creative put together a video you can check it out here! Enjoy!



On our way to meet family for breakfast



Photobombed by chayalim!



View of the Kineret



Walking in Jerusalem



Mid century window-doors from an Indian shul, brought over to the Israel Museum. History at my fingertips…



Horseback riding in Netanya


Sooooo much more to share but I will leave you guys with one last pic. This is me walking in the Golan Heights on the trail to a memorial created by friends of the 4 taken too young heroes/terror victims from Yeshivat Otniel murdered in 2002. You can read about it here. All our honor and respect for the thousands of victims who have been murdered for living in and defending our homeland.