Best products for curly haired gals out there

My 5 year old daughter somehow managed to get herself a head full of beautiful curly hair. My husband has stick straight hair and I have wavy, none of the curls that she has going on!

She had begun telling me that she wishes she had straight hair. My heart fell as I always hoped that she will embrace her curls and learn to love them.

So I figured it’s time to get serious about using the right products to maintain and enhance what she’s got. Especially noticeable and bothersome to her was the light layer of frizz on top her head once her hair dried. Having no experience with curly hair other then some light mousse usage on myself, I immersed myself in research on everything curls.

I figured I will share this with others looking for tried and true products. Of course product results differ on individuals, depending on specific hair type and preferences.

Hair styling begins as the shower gets turned off. A light squeeze of the hair to get majority of the water out is step one. Then, instead of using a traditional terry towel Continue reading

When time allows, it can take me forever to get ready in the morning (or for any occasion!)

The reasons? Options of course, but mostly because I enjoy the process.

I generally begin with deciding if there is one thing I definitely want my outfit to consist of for that day. For example: a particular pair of shoes, piece of accessory etc.

I then build up on that. Is there a secondary piece I want to include? If so, I build up. If not, I just continue putting things together that go with what I want to wear.

I also just love applying my makeup. Deciding what colors…

All this can take anywhere from hours! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t usually spend this much time! I look forward to Sundays though when I tend to have “my alone mornings” while my hubby watches the kids. Otherwise during the week I definitely get ready as quick as I need:)

A touching and meaningful song

My father recently found this song on YouTube and sent it to me. It is very nostalgic to me because he used to sing it every Seudat Shlishit (the 3rd official meal of Shabbat).

It always resonated deep in my soul because as a Jew, the song, a parable about a little bird captured by a vulture,  hits home with its message about my nation being in exile and persecuted throughout the ages. Towards the end of the song, the little bird is yearning for the day that he is free. Much like the Jewish people yearning for the day of the exile ending, with the coming of Mashiach (Messiah).

Titled “The Little Bird is Calling”, it as written in 1947 by Malka Steinberg Saks at Camp Bais Yaakov. It was right after the end of World War 2 and one year before the establishment of the State of Israel.

Click below for the lyrics.

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Review on Melissa and Doug stamp set

For the past few months I have been giving my girls, ages 3 and 5, a sticker after they’ve done something right, behaved nicely or as a bribe (yes, I bribe when I need to!). Little girls that they are, stickers made them squeal with delight and they’d do anything for a sticker.

Well, as of late I noticed one sticker just wasn’t exciting anymore. I bumped it up to 2. By last week 2 wasn’t getting me anywhere.

And then it hit me! After gymnastics the coach always stamps their hands with one shape or another. They look forward to it almost as much as the gymnastics. I knew I had something there. So after Continue reading

Review of my favorite facial makeup brushes

Here is how I use the facial makeup brushes I have. Let me know what you guys use and if you like them!

This Studio Tools foundation brush from Target is my step 1 for applying foundation. I first get it on the brush (as a tip I mix moisturizer and foundation for a lighter feel as I don’t need heavy coverage anyway:)). I then sort of paint it on my face sections at a time. After each section I use the next brush.

This Duo Fibre F 50 brush by Sigma is what I always use to buff out my foundation application. Using circular strokes it gives me that airbrushed finish!

For blush application I find this to be the lightest touch. I use this for cream Continue reading

New Chanukah Maccabeats song

The Maccabeats is an all male a Capella group consisting of students who are or have studied at Yeshivah University.

Since their popular song Candlelight, they became a international sensation have performed around the country.

Here is their latest production, enjoy!

Being a night owl

For some reason many times I find myself ready to start cleaning my house, organizing my space  and in general taking care of things once evening falls. Sure, I am tired but it’s at the time of the day when the kids are happily snuggled in bed thus the house is quiet and more serious business was taken care of already during the day.

This is much to my hubby’s dismay. He’s ready to watch some TV, veg out and relax and I want to go through piles of papers we need to clear.  Sigh.

He tries encouraging me to drop it all and join him in relaxing. I ultimately do but tend before I take care of some things first.

The positive side is that he spends that time watching shows I would not be interested in and by the time I show up we’re ready to watch something together (or I take control of the remote and watch something I want:))