Beauty Blender review

Hey everyone!

I’ve gotten some requests to do a review on the beauty blender so here it is:)

I actually purchased this a few months back but have only recently began using it for which I will later explain why, but now I am officially obsessed!

What it is: A unique egg-shaped sponge used to apply liquid makeup such as foundation.

How it’s used: Hold it under running water while squeezing a few times, waiting a few seconds until it about doubles in size. Then give it one last squeeze without water running over it. It should be dampish not dripping.  The purpose of this is to have it filled with water so it won’t soak up your makeup-it is a sponge after all 😉

My opinion: This is so super soft! So getting back to why I had not been using it until recently is because Continue reading

So useful!

If you’re like me, you’ve come across a necklaces online and tried to figure out (me with a tape measure) where the necklace would fall on you if you were to purchase it. I definitely messed up at least once.

I recently found this photo and I think it’s genius I just had to share!

Of course based on your stature it might be off a bit but it’s such a great idea to be able to visualize whether or not a specific length is what you’re looking for!


Tangle Teezer Review

If you’ve read my post about what I use to control my daughters’ curly hair (you can read it here), you’ll know that I use(d) a wide tooth comb to detangle knots.

That is the one part that was still quite frustrating in managing their hair. Yes, it was the best way to get a comb/brush through their hair but real did nothing until the very bottom parts where it tends to get knotty, The comb basically slid through the scalp and upper part of the hair. Everyone needs a good scrape of a brush on their scalp and through their hair. It just feels soooooo good! I felt bad that as girls they never get  to experience that :-/

Well, I had heard about the Knot Genie brush that supposedly runs through unruly and curly hair like nobody’s business. After doing some research Continue reading