Yom Ha’atzmaut and My Sister’s Fascinating Blog


Israel’s Independence Day is celebrated on the fifth day of the month of Iyar, which is the Hebrew date of the formal establishment of the state, when members of the “provisional government” read and signed a Declaration of Independence in Tel Aviv. The original date corresponded to May 14, 1948.

In honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, which falls out today, and yesterday’s Yom Hazikaron, Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism, I would like to share my sister Chanie (Susana) Scheiner’s amazing blog called Israel Unlocked.  Sometimes it is down due to editing.

Chanie so eloquently and articulately takes the issues of the Arab-Israeli conflict of years before to current times, and helps her readers understand the root of the matter. As an attorney she shares not only her personal views, but also international laws pertaining to the situation.

I love the tagline of her blog:

“The truly righteous don’t complain about ignorance; rather, they add wisdom.” – Rav Kook

She believes, as do I, that it’s crucial to share, learn, discuss and most of all be knowledgeable about all that is Israel. For people who stand with Israel, especially Jewish people who absolutely should (my views on that are worth another post here:)) the more educated we are, the better we can stand up for ourselves be it physically and verbally.

Please feel free to share her blog, comment and share your views or ask questions-she is very well versed in a lot of the difficult issues of the conflict. In her words:

“I encourage civil discourse on the topic and I’m open to comments, questions, and suggestions concerning this blog or the conflict.”


Here is a direct link to pages of legal analysis of the conflict which is simplified for the lay person;)


Her latest post:

Cruelty or Compassion? You Be the Judge


To end, I would like to say that I am ever so grateful to the IDF who put themselves in harm’s way to allow the freedom for Jews and other people to visit and live in the beautiful Land of Milk and Honey. From all the way in America:



Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque


Aliza, we did not use the mask here

My daughter is 7 years old and she has a beautiful head of curls-so I say. According to her, straight hair is the way to go. Although I try to show her the beauty in it and explain that when she’s older she’ll have the option of wearing it straight or curly, it’s difficult for her to accept  since 95% of girls in her class have stick straight, no frizz hair. One of the biggest difficulties in having a daughter with pretty curly hair is that while she longs to brush it all the time (she’s very girly, sigh) I make sure she only does so while her hair is wet, straight after her shower. Which brings us to the actual brushing. It takes time and patience. You can read my previous posts on my general routine here and here. I still do pretty much everything there but I do not use the brush anymore and I have some newer, better products. Let me know in the comments if you’d like a detailed updated routine.

I’ve spent the past few years doing research and trying out different products. My intention is not to add thick-super strong holding products. I want her hair manageable and as frizz free as possible. Her hair is not kinky-and though she had more of the bottle-curls when she was younger, Continue reading

Love my new kicks!

ImageSo I know I’m way behind on the wedge sneaker trend.

I always thought it looked super cute but I hesitated for a few reasons.

Here are my reasons and why they don’t stick now (I rationalize very hard lol):

One, I rarely walk out in sneakers so I figured when would I end up using them?

They give a totally different vibe! They take it up a notch, so they are more shoes than sneakers but are still very casual.

Plus, I have enough shoes.


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New shoes!

Maybe I’m nuts but I looooove new shoes!

While shopping for my girl’s shoes, (which I always do online) I’ll be honest and say I ventured into the women’s section and fell in love with these cute little shoes! The black and white combo is so crisp and fresh. They are pretty comfortable although maybe not for long term walking. I suffer for fashion anyway.

Now I just need the weather to break!!

I got them at Nordstrom and they are by Halogen.


Review: Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner

Hey Girlies!

Hope this frigid winter weather is behind us all! You know winter is here for too long when you tell your 7 year old daughter it’ll snow again and she rolls her eyes. Anyway, on to makeup!

I sometimes debate with myself regarding what makeup product I would choose if I must pick only one to use forever. What would you choose? I can’t make up my mind. Lipstick adds a pop of color, blush brings warmth to your face, but I must say, eyeliner gives the entire face more definition. I use all kinds of eyeliner, liquid, gel and stick. Here’s my review for the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner.

One of the reasons I decided to give it a try is the color options. There are 29 colors in this collection! Ranging from brights to darks, neutral to fun. I have it in the colors Stingray, a jet black, Peacock, a teal,and Purple Tang, which is just that-purple.

It glides on like a dream. Barely any pressure is needed

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Review: Mario Badescu Caviar Night Cream

Hi! I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

ImageDuring the dry, winter months my skin tends to get very dry. It is generally on the dry side, ironically especially in the T-zone where many people have oily spots. In the past, I’ve lathered my face with Baby oil (the gel version which is awesome, and while it feels so hydrating, it doesn’t seem to have long term effects). The same with moisturizers I’ve tried.

There is a moisturizer I ordered which I should be getting any day now, called Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion which I’ve heard great things about and am excited to try.

What I have been using though for a few months now is the Mario Badescu Caviar Night Cream. It can be purchased at Nordstrom, and his whole line of skin care products are very affordable. I have a few others from his line which are ok, but I really love this cream. It’s very thick, smoother than a paste, but similar in that if the tub is turned upside down, it wouldn’t budge.

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Review: Nars Ita Brush

I’ve been looking to find the perfect brush fokabuki-artisan-ita-brush-neimanr contouring and I found it! For those of you who follow my blog, you read a previous post on my new fave bronzing brush which is the LY20 Super Fan Brush by Louise Young (you can read it here). That particular brush, in short, is capable of so many things-from applying bronzer to even applying blush! I have used it for contouring and it’s awesome, however I needed something with more of a fine narrow tip. Granted that one is huge-but it works amazing for a buffed contouring of the cheekbone. I needed something that would be more precise for certain looks as well as one that fits nice on the sides of my nose.

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Tangle Teezer Review

If you’ve read my post about what I use to control my daughters’ curly hair (you can read it here), you’ll know that I use(d) a wide tooth comb to detangle knots.

That is the one part that was still quite frustrating in managing their hair. Yes, it was the best way to get a comb/brush through their hair but real did nothing until the very bottom parts where it tends to get knotty, The comb basically slid through the scalp and upper part of the hair. Everyone needs a good scrape of a brush on their scalp and through their hair. It just feels soooooo good! I felt bad that as girls they never get  to experience that :-/

Well, I had heard about the Knot Genie brush that supposedly runs through unruly and curly hair like nobody’s business. After doing some research Continue reading

Handbag table hanger review

When I got my Balenciaga handbag (see video here) I knew that it would never touch a floor in it’s lifetime (other than the rug in my closet).

Just about the time I got my bag, I came across this handbag table hanger. It may seem over-the top to some, but in the effort of keeping my treasure clean as new, I just had to try it out! I’ve since used it many a time, mostly when I’m out at a restaurant or the like. They come in all sorts of colors and styles but they essentially work the same way. I bought mine at Target I think for about $15 or so. The “head” folds flat and is very easily tucked away in my small makeup and essentials kit I keep inside my bag. There are others that fold up to an even  smaller size and I may get one if I come across one I like.

Here are some pics of it being used today while I had lunch with my hubby!


Solei Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base review

Fist of all, that is a darn long name! I believe it used to be called Bronze Universal.

Anyway, I am always searching for a great new bronzer, I’ve heard beyond raving reviews about this one and decided to bite the bullet. With a price tag of $48 I thought this better be beyond awesome.This is how Chanel describes it on their website: The velvety finish of this light cream-gel bronzer leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-kissed look. Wear it on its own to enhance your complexion, or for a hint of outdoors radiance, over or under your favorite CHANEL Foundation.

To begin, here is the product with all it’s packaging.

Maintaining it’s Chanel style, it’s sleek looking and sophisticated in a frosted tub with a black lid embossed with the Chanel logo.You get a lot for your money at 1 oz.The tub was the size of my palm, if not bigger.

Getting to the product itself, here Continue reading