Christian Louboutin vs. YSL. War on red.

In the fashion world the color red is synonymous with Christian Louboutin’s red soled shoes. His shoes are coveted by celebrities and plain folk alike.

In 1992, Christian Louboutin felt that a pair of his shoes “lacked energy”. He then painted the sole of the shoes with red nail polish and voilà, a trademark is set. Or so he thought.

He registered the color in 2008. He thought his color was protected, just like Tiffany & Co.’s blue color is protected by trademark.

Luxurious brand Yves Saint Laurent created a shoe called Continue reading

I just found my old diaries!

After doing some organizing I found my diaries! Such a nostalgic moment!

My first diary entry was on June 22, 1991. I was 8 years old. The first diary I went through was a red and white Hello Kitty with a small lock. My last entry was April, 2004. I was 21. By then I was on my third diary, this time in the form of a spiral notebook.

My mom had gotten me and each of my siblings a diary, each at the appropriate age. I assume that’s when we had begun to really write?

She had one of her own and I remember she used to read it to us from time to time.

Reading through my entries, I vividly remember Continue reading

Trend watch – Peter Pan collars!

A huge trend for the fall 2011/winter 2012 season has been the Peter Pan collar.

It’s really amazing what a well placed collar can do to an outfit. The rounded edged collar brings it up a notch, adding a girly sophistication to the look. Depending on size and materiel of the outfit, the collar can also create a “vintage-y” effect. From completely embellished collars, to minimal ones in plain white, it is the current must have for any fashionista!

Here are some photos of it being worn on runways and celebrities alike.

DIY Exfoliating scrub for lips/skin!

I’ve seen this around the web and finally decided to test it out: using sugar and olive oil to exfoliate for your lips (and skin)!

I put 1 teaspoon of each in a cup and mixed it around. For me it is just the right amount for my face but feel free to play around with the measurements to find your personal fave combo such as more of everything or use less sugar for a less “harsh” feel.

The sugar part acts as Continue reading

Childhood TV memories…

Aliza from the blog compiled a great list of kids’ TV shows from her childhood.

It made me nostalgic for my own childhood, so I thought I’d make a list of my own! In addition to those shows that she has listed, I’d add these:

Continue reading

Loving crusty edges…a bit too much:)

Everyone in my family knows: I usually go straight to the edges of anything fried or baked.

This is especially true for potato kugel traditionally baked for Shabbat. (It is sort of a baked pudding usually made with potatoes or noodles, though meat, vegetables and other ingredients are sometimes included. It’s generally served as a side dish. Read More.)

Before I was married, back as long as I remember, my siblings have been annoyed with me for basically eating away at the kugels my mom made, from the edges inward. In my defense, I wanted to make sure Continue reading

I love Bethenny Frankel’s style (pics!)

There’s something about Bethenny Frankel that I’ve always been drawn to. I followed her from Real Housewives of New York, to Bethenny Getting Married. Truth be told the main reason I liked RHNY was Bethenny. Although of course I still watch it now (all the housewive shows are my guilty pleasures:)) it definitely got more boring without her.

Firstly I love her quick tongue. Granted, that gets her into trouble sometimes but I tend to get flustered if someone says something to me I’m not expecting so I wish I had that quality where I can say something in return without missing a beat!

Then of course is her fashion sense. Her body is sick (in a good way!) so I’m sure anything looks awesome on her. But I mostly love Continue reading

Updated shoe collection!

I looooooooooooooooo(ok I’ll stop now lol)ve shoes!!
Below is a video of my updated collection.
If you are interested to know about any specific pair(s) locate the # in the screen shot of the shoe and inquire about it with the #. That way I know which you’re talking about!

My camera battery was blinking red the entire time I was recording my shoes. Usually I take amazing care of my shoes but Continue reading