My closet is my “happy place”:)

It has everything that makes my heart beat a little faster (besides my wonderful family!)

What could be better than being surrounded by beautifully displayed accessories, shoes organized by heel height, and color coordinated clothes, with my mirrored makeup vanity right in the middle of it all?!

I blog about my interests:

  • Reviews on makeup/beauty products. If you have business related inquiries or would like me to review a product please email info.mbellishd@gmail.com.
  • Things that I lust over or are on my wishlist. These can be everyday or useful items that I would love to own or own already, like clothes/shoes/accessories part of luxury designer collections or fabulous finds! As long as they are chic, classy and timeless I am in love!
  • Thoughts on things I am passionate about. These range from deep to light thoughts and opinions on everything and anything.
  • My other passion is my company called Mbellishd. As a graphic designer and crafter, I love creating aesthetically pleasing things.I design hair accessories for babies, girls and women. My collection includes: baby headbands, hard headbands, clips, pony holders, beanies for babies, sun caps, fedoras, berets and newsboys for women and older girls. What is unique about Mbellishd is that my specialty is to work with you on special orders. Whether you need to match a particular outfit, would like to create that perfect accessory for you or your little one or as a gift, please feel free to contact us at info.mbellishd@gmail.com. I will email you photos and help you narrow down the options until you are satisfied. All at no extra charge! Most of the appliqués on the site can be put mixed and matched and placed on other hats and bands etc.Once a client explains to me what she’s looking for, I help guide her. I like to build from the bottom up. Together we determine the best hardware for the occasion based on hair thickens and age (baby vs little girl vs adult). Once that is decided upon, we move on to colors and styles of appliques. Turnaround time is generally 2-3 days and another 2-3 days for shipping (within the U.S.).

Check out my website Mbellishd.wordpress.com. Find me on Instagram at mbellishdaccessories. And Follow me on FB.


Welcome to my life 🙂



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