Handbag table hanger review

When I got my Balenciaga handbag (see video here) I knew that it would never touch a floor in it’s lifetime (other than the rug in my closet).

Just about the time I got my bag, I came across this handbag table hanger. It may seem over-the top to some, but in the effort of keeping my treasure clean as new, I just had to try it out! I’ve since used it many a time, mostly when I’m out at a restaurant or the like. They come in all sorts of colors and styles but they essentially work the same way. I bought mine at Target I think for about $15 or so. The “head” folds flat and is very easily tucked away in my small makeup and essentials kit I keep inside my bag. There are others that fold up to an even  smaller size and I may get one if I come across one I like.

Here are some pics of it being used today while I had lunch with my hubby!



Christian Louboutin set to create Cindarella’s glass slipper

In honor of Disney’s release of Cinderella on Blue Ray and DVD this fall, Christian Louboutin was commissioned to put his own magic to create a glass slipper of his own. The shoe will be revealed this summer. Louboutin is honored and states, “I have been so lucky to have crossed paths with Cinderella, an icon who is so emblematic to the shoe world as well as the dream world”.

I wonder what it will look like. I’m sure it will be a beautiful stiletto and have his trademark red soles. Will it be over the top, or simple? Only time will tell!


Photo courtesy of Disney

The fascinating world of Pinterest

A few months ago I joined Pinterest.

I had originally read an article about this up and coming pin-board style site where users can create themed albums by allowing it’s users to browse other people’s albums. If a user finds photos in someone else’s album that they would like to incorporate into their own, they “re-pin” it to their own album. These albums can be titled anything but some popular ones are Hair, Makeup, My style, DIY, Beautiful, Dream home etc.

It’s interesting to note that in North America about 83% of users are women!

I especially love the inspirations I get by seeing other people’s My style pins. It is also a phenomenal advertising tool. If you have something you create and either sell or want to show the world, this is a great place to do it and reach a world full of people who may have never stumbled (a great web tip as well!) upon your website or work.

If you are on Pinterest definitely follow me and I will do the same to you!

Spring 2012 trend: pleats, pleats, pleats!

Pleats have been all the rage this 2012 spring season. It’s been going on for a while now but I’ve just recently allowed myself to be swept up with the trend. Although I loved the current styles from the get-go, the pleats reminded me of some skirts I used to wear in high school. I did not particularly enjoy school so basically anything that reminds me of those times I hate. Harsh, I know, but it’s how I feel.

On to 2012! I just adore these flowy maxi skirts and dresses.

I recently purchased this Jessica Simpson dress from Nordstrom:

I also love the floral print that is so on trend right now as well! After I bought it I got really excited because I thought it would be great for an upcoming family photo shoot-can’t wait:)


Other pleated dresses and skirts I love this season:

BCBG Max Azria color blocking Continue reading

DIY headband holder

I’ve been meaning to make a headband holder for my girls since forever and finally had a chance today! On the left is one of my complete no sew holders. I made two of these today (one set for each daughter) but once you figure out what needs to be done it’s fairly simple.

I have seen this style with just the top part, but as I create hair accessories that I sell on my other blog-Mbellishd-check it out!, my girls needed more space so I added the bottom section. I think I may add a third sometime as well. I also plan to add two white hooks on the very bottom for their pony holders.

I figured I will share how I did it with step-by step pix and instructions. Hope it’s all easily understood! Let me know if you have any questions:)

What you need:

1 roll of paper towel per section

measuring tape


embellishment for ends (can be buttons flowers etc.)

glue gun

material (app. 19″ x 22″ for each roll)

4.25 feet of ribbon (not pictured)


You want to get your paper towel roll to about 5-5.25″, so unroll the excess until you get to desired width Continue reading


Cap – Headturner Boutique

Layering T

Shirt – H & M

Skirt – Hard Tails

Boots – Nine West

Jacket – Guess

Scarf – Urban Outfitters

Earrings – New York & Company