Updated DIY Headband Holder!

My most popular post here is always my DIY Headband Holder how-to.

The version I created then is meant to be hung on a hook. Working with my girls’ new closets, I came up with a more integrated placement for it. Their closets are fantastic in the way that they are extremely customizable, allowing for changes such as shelving vs. hanging space. I followed the same directions as my older post until placing the ends-like the flowers. Instead, I now put a hanging rod through the tube. To help it stay in place I added a strip of No Slip Grip tape I use when creating clips onto the top of the rod. In addition, I stuffed each end with tissues as far as I could. As shown, 2 rolls fill the rod. Since my girls have way more headbands, I will definitely be adding another rod or two, probably removing the shelf underneath for more space!

(The ribbon is for decorative purposes only-a cute way of hiding the seam. You can also just face it towards the back to have a seamless look or if using a printed fabric.)

Happy crafting:)0628151712 0628151718

My latest craft!

As you probably know (and for those who don’t) I sell hair accessories on my site headturnerboutique.com.

For the little girl hats I’ve been using a porcelain doll:

I think she is so pretty. My problem is that her head is tiny. The cap above is for infants yet it looks huge. And her head does not fill out the hat. I think the disproportion can confuse customers looking into buying a particular product. Especially those who are not very visual in regards to imagining how it would look on a larger head.

After looking around for other size dolls, I could not find a pretty face with a larger head.

So, I came up with another idea. To me, size was more important to display things correctly and I decided to forget the face.

I went to Micheal’s last week to see what I could come up with. I purchased: a wooden candlestick, a wooden base, styrofoam balls and primer/spray paint. I then found some material to cover the white balls (I wanted to go cream) and tulle to cover it. I then spray painted the wooden pieces and had my hubby put them together. And voilà!

With a hat:

DIY headband holder

I’ve been meaning to make a headband holder for my girls since forever and finally had a chance today! On the left is one of my complete no sew holders. I made two of these today (one set for each daughter) but once you figure out what needs to be done it’s fairly simple.

I have seen this style with just the top part, but as I create hair accessories that I sell on my other blog-Mbellishd-check it out!, my girls needed more space so I added the bottom section. I think I may add a third sometime as well. I also plan to add two white hooks on the very bottom for their pony holders.

I figured I will share how I did it with step-by step pix and instructions. Hope it’s all easily understood! Let me know if you have any questions:)

What you need:

1 roll of paper towel per section

measuring tape


embellishment for ends (can be buttons flowers etc.)

glue gun

material (app. 19″ x 22″ for each roll)

4.25 feet of ribbon (not pictured)


You want to get your paper towel roll to about 5-5.25″, so unroll the excess until you get to desired width Continue reading