Updated DIY Headband Holder!

My most popular post here is always my DIY Headband Holder how-to.

The version I created then is meant to be hung on a hook. Working with my girls’ new closets, I came up with a more integrated placement for it. Their closets are fantastic in the way that they are extremely customizable, allowing for changes such as shelving vs. hanging space. I followed the same directions as my older post until placing the ends-like the flowers. Instead, I now put a hanging rod through the tube. To help it stay in place I added a strip of No Slip Grip tape I use when creating clips onto the top of the rod. In addition, I stuffed each end with tissues as far as I could. As shown, 2 rolls fill the rod. Since my girls have way more headbands, I will definitely be adding another rod or two, probably removing the shelf underneath for more space!

(The ribbon is for decorative purposes only-a cute way of hiding the seam. You can also just face it towards the back to have a seamless look or if using a printed fabric.)

Happy crafting:)0628151712 0628151718


Best hangers for your closet!

My walk-in-closet may be my favorite spot in the house. I can stay in there forever (not kidding;))

I like to keep things pretty organized in there. One concept that really helped, at least  visually, was having the same color/style hangers for my hanging clothes.

For starters, my tops used to hang from all sorts of hangers, wired, metal, plastic of every size, shape and color. I searched for hangers that I liked and figured I’ll use it for all my hanging things, including dresses. So I found the Joy Mangano ones. They are sold in many places but I purchase a bunch from HSN. I love them. Firstly they come in about a dozen colors. Continue reading