Best hangers for your closet!

My walk-in-closet may be my favorite spot in the house. I can stay in there forever (not kidding;))

I like to keep things pretty organized in there. One concept that really helped, at least  visually, was having the same color/style hangers for my hanging clothes.

For starters, my tops used to hang from all sorts of hangers, wired, metal, plastic of every size, shape and color. I searched for hangers that I liked and figured I’ll use it for all my hanging things, including dresses. So I found the Joy Mangano ones. They are sold in many places but I purchase a bunch from HSN. I love them. Firstly they come in about a dozen colors. I stuck with black because I find that classiest, and if I ever need to add I thought that might be the most typical color so they’d always have them in stock. Since I am petite I also purchased the chilren’s version so my delicate sweaters will not have hanger marks from the edges of the hangers. This is such a pleasure as I used to bend the metal hangers for this purpose.

I love the fact that everything looks uniform, all the same length off the rod and it is pleasant to look at. I also try to color coordinate everything to make things easier to find! A big bonus too is that they are lines with a velvet-like material so things don’t slide off the hangers!!

Here’s a pic of some of my hanging tops.

As for skirts, basically the same deal with what I used to use. Since I did not like the Joy Mangano ones (which really are larger suit hangers with clips you can attach to them) I did some more research and bought the ones pictured below. Though they aren’t black, I think the clear is unobtrusive and I love how everything starts at the same height!

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