Tangle Teezer Review

If you’ve read my post about what I use to control my daughters’ curly hair (you can read it here), you’ll know that I use(d) a wide tooth comb to detangle knots.

That is the one part that was still quite frustrating in managing their hair. Yes, it was the best way to get a comb/brush through their hair but real did nothing until the very bottom parts where it tends to get knotty, The comb basically slid through the scalp and upper part of the hair. Everyone needs a good scrape of a brush on their scalp and through their hair. It just feels soooooo good! I felt bad that as girls they never get  to experience that :-/

Well, I had heard about the Knot Genie brush that supposedly runs through unruly and curly hair like nobody’s business. After doing some research I came across the Tangle Teezer which is quite similar in style as well as what it claims to be able to do. One obvious difference while perusing the respected sites is that the Tangle Teezer is about half the price as the Knot Genie and sells for about $11. This, though, is not a deal breaker for me because finding something that can detangle my girls’ curly hair while giving the scalp a good brush is priceless. After reading reviews on both I noticed an overwhelming number of more positive rating on the Tangle Teezer, and even from those who’ve tried both. So I jumped on the bandwagon and bought one on Amazon.

Does it work? It’s really pretty close to perfect! I even use it one myself lol Ok, now back to curly hair 🙂

My girls just love it. Firstly, I purchased the purple one with glitter so right off the bat they’re in heaven. But in all seriousness, I rate it at a 95%. Using it with conditioner still in their hair, it really goes through their hair with barely any tugging is at all. I think it’s because the bristles which are made of a soft rubber in alternating heights are so flexible that if it does get stuck on a knot it won’t force itself through so there are no “ouchies”. If I notice an area with knots that didn’t untangle, I hold it tightly in my hand, putting the hair on the bottom of my wrist/hand and brush it more forcefully over and over while making sure I’m holding the hair and not letting the brush tug the hair from the scalp. And yes, they love when the brush goes through their scalp:)

Obviously this brush won’t work on everyone but I highly recommend giving it a try. I was so skeptical at first, but it’s such a pleasure to use.


  • Gives the scalp a good massage which you can’t get from a wide tooth comb
  • Goes through tangles pretty darn easily
  • Price


  • The width of the brush makes it somewhat difficult for little hands to hold
  • Can be slippery in the shower/bath

What do you think?

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