Review: Essie gel-like polish


No matter what I used to do, my polish would chip the very next day (I know, first world problems…). I’ve tried top coats from every brand with the same results. I have woken up mornings peeking at my nails and BAM! I see a chip – after having put the polish on just a few hours before I headed to bed.

I never tried the gel manicures that needed the UV lighting to set the color – it just never sat right with me. I came across these Essie polishes that offer gel-like results by just using the top coat in the same line. I didn’t try it for a while since it’s more expensive than their regular line and I just didn’t believe the hype. Then I caved in.

I was really surprised when my manicures stayed in near-perfect condition for a week plus! Something about this particular combo just works. I’ve tried the polish from this line with other top coats, as well as other brand polishes, and even the polishes from Essie’s regular line with this topcoat, and I clearly see a difference.

At this point I’m kinda weeding out my other polishes and trying to stick just with this line. It’s a little difficult although I sometimes do buy colors from other brands that just don’t exist in this line (yet, I hope!). I highly recommend these. Give it a go and let me know how it works 🙂

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