Stain removal trick-it really works!

This week I noticed a 4″ diameter stain on my fave greyish denimish skirt! No idea where it came from (a cooking splatter does NOT look like that). Panic mode set in. It was almost as dramatic as it sounds lol.

Level one of damage control consisted of a bunch of spritzes of Shout Stain Remover. I left it overnight and the next AM rinsed it to find nothing changed. Bahahawaaaaa!!! I spritzed more.

I then remembered I had read somewhere sometime about shampoo taking out greasy stains. Makes sense I guess. Greasy hair, greasy stains…I tried it. I poured some


shampoo on the stain, rubbed it in, rinsed with cold water. Next day the stain was gone Gone GONE!!

I was so shocked to see it had disappeared . I checked under multiple lights turning the skirt this way n that.. Nothing. Nada. Not a  trace.

I hereby take no responsibility if shampoo ruins any fabric, materials or garments. But the next time you can’t seem to get out a stubborn stain, hey, give it a try:)

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