New shoes!

Maybe I’m nuts but I looooove new shoes!

While shopping for my girl’s shoes, (which I always do online) I’ll be honest and say I ventured into the women’s section and fell in love with these cute little shoes! The black and white combo is so crisp and fresh. They are pretty comfortable although maybe not for long term walking. I suffer for fashion anyway.

Now I just need the weather to break!!

I got them at Nordstrom and they are by Halogen.



Review: Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner

Hey Girlies!

Hope this frigid winter weather is behind us all! You know winter is here for too long when you tell your 7 year old daughter it’ll snow again and she rolls her eyes. Anyway, on to makeup!

I sometimes debate with myself regarding what makeup product I would choose if I must pick only one to use forever. What would you choose? I can’t make up my mind. Lipstick adds a pop of color, blush brings warmth to your face, but I must say, eyeliner gives the entire face more definition. I use all kinds of eyeliner, liquid, gel and stick. Here’s my review for the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner.

One of the reasons I decided to give it a try is the color options. There are 29 colors in this collection! Ranging from brights to darks, neutral to fun. I have it in the colors Stingray, a jet black, Peacock, a teal,and Purple Tang, which is just that-purple.

It glides on like a dream. Barely any pressure is needed

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Dupe found for the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

ImageSince I’ve amassed a fairly decent size makeup brush collection, I’ve been really trying to take care of them. I try to spot clean them (when I remember lol), but every couple of weeks they go in for a major cleaning.

I found the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove on Sigma’s website and it looks like an ingenious idea! It is essentially a silicone style mitt resembling that of an oven mitt. It’s double sided with each side featuring different textures for which you are supposed to use for different cleaning processes for various size brushes. Sounds all good and dandy, huh? Well, I was really tempted to get one, it seems it would do a better job at deeply cleaning the brushes than my fingers, but at the price tag of $35 I just couldn’t bring myself to do it before further research.

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Review: Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

Hi ladies!

ImageWe all are in the habit of just swiping on mascara, maybe adding an extra coat to get that length and volume we crave. While some people are blessed with luscious lashes, I for one, am so happy I stumbled across the Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. I actually have this for about two years, and while I don’t use it everyday, when I do you it I’m like I should use this everyday lol!

One swipe of this hg primer is miraculous! If I sound over-enthusiastic it’s because I am lol!

When I use this under my regular mascara and it literally add loads of length and volume. I think the science behind it is that this coats the lashes and when you use the real mascara, it has this extra layer to adhere to. It does not add any clumps.

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Review: Mario Badescu Caviar Night Cream

Hi! I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

ImageDuring the dry, winter months my skin tends to get very dry. It is generally on the dry side, ironically especially in the T-zone where many people have oily spots. In the past, I’ve lathered my face with Baby oil (the gel version which is awesome, and while it feels so hydrating, it doesn’t seem to have long term effects). The same with moisturizers I’ve tried.

There is a moisturizer I ordered which I should be getting any day now, called Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion which I’ve heard great things about and am excited to try.

What I have been using though for a few months now is the Mario Badescu Caviar Night Cream. It can be purchased at Nordstrom, and his whole line of skin care products are very affordable. I have a few others from his line which are ok, but I really love this cream. It’s very thick, smoother than a paste, but similar in that if the tub is turned upside down, it wouldn’t budge.

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Following my age-old dream…

Hi Everyone!

So the other day I got hooked on a dream I’ve had forever-to learn how to play the guitar!Image

I’ve never played an instrument (I wish they would have given us the option at school), but have always loved music. Particularly the piano and even more so the guitar. I’ve has these thoughts of attempting but they come and go.

We recently watched the Disney movie Frozen, and my girls are obsessed with it! They love to sing Do you wanna build a snowman and Let it go from the movie. I confess, I do too. So while we were belting it out, I thought guitar accompanying it would be so amazing. I know to be able to play that is a long time away, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

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Review: Nars Ita Brush

I’ve been looking to find the perfect brush fokabuki-artisan-ita-brush-neimanr contouring and I found it! For those of you who follow my blog, you read a previous post on my new fave bronzing brush which is the LY20 Super Fan Brush by Louise Young (you can read it here). That particular brush, in short, is capable of so many things-from applying bronzer to even applying blush! I have used it for contouring and it’s awesome, however I needed something with more of a fine narrow tip. Granted that one is huge-but it works amazing for a buffed contouring of the cheekbone. I needed something that would be more precise for certain looks as well as one that fits nice on the sides of my nose.

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Review: Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray in Chill

ImageI generally don’t need my makeup to stay on for 8 plus hours during an average weekday, but when Shabbat rolls around I sure do! (On a basic level for those who are not familiar with this issue, on Shabbat, Jews may neither stain nor smear thus the prohibition on applying makeup on Shabbat. There are Shabbat approved make ups but I will get to that.)

So, the one day when I actually tend to have less rush-y conversation with other women, allowing longer face to face time, meet more people whether in shul or over lunch, I was very frustrated that my makeup that I love cannot be freshly applied!

Regarding Shabbat approved makeup: I have not found colors I love, I don’t like how you must apply them, each with a different brush, not layering on the other etc, that method is not for me. I like building up, layering, blending…

I know some people forget the whole makeup thing and while I do go out without makeup plenty, I really like how it looks. Anyway. My next plan of action was to pile it on on Friday, looking outrageous so when much of it gets rubbed off overnight (even while keeping my face off the pillow-not a great night’s sleep) I still have some on! I’m sure plenty of others have done the same;)

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My most fave new makeup brush (and why Iv’e been MIA)

So sorry to all my followers for having been MIA!

So much has happened since my last post, the most major being Hurricane Sandy 😦 and the time consuming after-effects. I can write a whole blog post just on my family’s experience on having gone through it (while being at home), what it was like dealing with all insurance companies (we are still in the long process) and having to literally rebuild our home from scratch due to foundation damage from the storm. That’s all for another time…

Anyway, so I for sure have more than enough makeup brushes than one needs to apply every single item of makeup possible during one sitting but when I saw this baby I had to try it! It’s the LY20 Super Fan Brush by Louise Young which I purchased at Nordstrom. I actually own another fan brush (well two but I had given the other away to my sister as I didn’t find that much use for it) which is the Laura Mercier one. The concept behind the fan brush is that it’s bristles generally aren’t tightly packed and that along with it’s unique shape makes it perfect for dusting. That could be dusting on highlight or it’s also perfect for dusting away eyeshadow fallout. It’s meant to be a light touch brush.

Well, The Louise Young brush is anything but that! It’s got the same basic shape but that’s where its similarities to other fan brushes I have seen stop! First of all it’s HUGE! Like literally it’s more than double the size of your standard brush. It’s also very densely packed and the bristles are firmer-yet super soft.

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Beauty Blender review

Hey everyone!

I’ve gotten some requests to do a review on the beauty blender so here it is:)

I actually purchased this a few months back but have only recently began using it for which I will later explain why, but now I am officially obsessed!

What it is: A unique egg-shaped sponge used to apply liquid makeup such as foundation.

How it’s used: Hold it under running water while squeezing a few times, waiting a few seconds until it about doubles in size. Then give it one last squeeze without water running over it. It should be dampish not dripping.  The purpose of this is to have it filled with water so it won’t soak up your makeup-it is a sponge after all 😉

My opinion: This is so super soft! So getting back to why I had not been using it until recently is because Continue reading